Biggest Thunder Chicken

Biggest Thunder Chicken

Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC) - 16810 FLW K, Bldg. 2290 Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473 Fort Leonard Wood 65473 Google Map

Biggest Thunder Chicken will be held April 4 - May 10.

Spring turkey season is right around the corner! Only turkeys hunted on post will be allowed in the competition. Contestants can bring their turkey to OAC any day of the week.

An OAC employee will score their turkey with the following method: 1 point each for every full inch of beard, every 1/8 inch of spur, and for every pound. 

There will be winners for biggest turkey, biggest combined score, and a seperate prize for biggest turkey hunted by a youth. Plus youth and regular season combined.

Open to the public, all ages. 

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No pre-registration required.