Fort Leonard Wood Gate Access

Fort Leonard Wood Gate Access

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Below is a list of requirements in order to gain access onto the installation:

  • Security Personnel conduct 100% ID checks at all gates of entry.
  • All persons age 18 years and older must present a state or federally issued picture identification.
  • Drivers' licenses and identification cards from the states of Maine, Montana, Missouri, Minnesota, and Washington are no longer accepted as a valid form of identification alone to gain access to Fort Leonard Wood and its facilities.
  • Other acceptable alternate forms of identification that may be used in conjunction with a state driver's license to potentially gain access to the installation include:
    • United States passport or United States passport card
    • Certified copy of birth certificate
    • Social Security card
    • Permanent Resident card/Alien Registration Receipt card (form I-551)
    • Foreign passport with a temporary (I-551) stamp or temporary (I-551) printed notation on a machine readable Immigrant Visa.
    • Employment authorization document that contains a photograph (form I-766)
    • New VA Healthcare card

For a list of other acceptable forms of ID, contact the Physical Security Branch at +1 (573)596-0597.

  • Person(s) operating a vehicle are required to have in possession a current driver license, proof of current vehicle insurance and current vehicle registration.
  • Visitors without a DoD or Federal Identification card must have a valid reason to access Fort Leonard Wood, must undergo a criminal history background screening, and be issued a Fort Leonard Wood Pass.

Passes can be obtained at the Main Gate Visitor’s Center located at the Main Gate (North) in Building 100 adjacent to Missouri Avenue.