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Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC)

Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC) is your hub for outdoor recreation at Fort Leonard Wood.  With 60,000 acres available for archery, firearm, and muzzleloader hunting and ample fishing opportunities on the Big Piney River and numerous ponds and lakes right in your backyard, you’ll never be at a loss for fun ways to fill you time.  OAC offers a wide range of activities to help you and your family enjoy the outdoors!  Our facility offers onsite shotgun, archery, paintball, and airsoft ranges, as well as a pro shop, equipment check-out, and guided river floats, hikes, and more.

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Pro Shop

The pro shop offers a wide variety of hunting, fishing and outdoor equipment including:

  • Firearms *
  • Paintball guns, gear, and paint
  • Beverages and snacks
  • Night crawlers
  • Compound and crossbows
  • Fishing bait and tackle

*OAC can order firearms, archery equipment and other sporting goods. We offer Beretta, Browning, Remington, CZ, Winchester, Smith and Wesson, Mossberg, Marlin, and many other brands.

We also maintain a Federal Firearms License so we can provide in-state gun shipping and receiving. A $25 fee is charged and a NICS Background Check is mandatory on all gun transfers. 

Bow Sales & Service

OAC keeps a variety of Bowtech and Diamond bows in stock. We can order bows as well. All bows purchased come with complimentary set up and basic tune. 

Our team can help you keep your bow in tip-top shape! Bow services are performed daily during normal business hours. 

Basic Tune: $19.95

  • Install product
  • Test functionality
  • Set and check draw length & weight

Complete Tune: $39.95

  • Basic Tune
  • Set and check rest timing
  • Set center shot
  • Paper tune

Super Tune: $49.95 

  • Complete Tune
  • Walk back tuning
  • Arrow chronograph
Other Services Price
Arrow cutting $0.50
Arrow fletching $2.50
Arrow wrap $1
Install peep sight $5
Install string $10
Install silencer $5
Install kisser button $5
Install rest $15
Install sight $5
Install D-loop $5
Install arrow inserts $1
Time a bow $12.50
Set center shot $10
Tiller adjustment $10
Adjust draw length $5
Chronograph bow $5
Paper tune bow $15
Replace nocks $1
Replace BCY Serv $12.50



Whether you need some river rentals, an extra tent for a weekend of camping, or bounce house for your next birthday party, OAC has you covered! We offer a variety of camping, fishing, and party equipment to meet all your needs. 

To see some images of our various rental equipment, click HERE.

River Rentals Day Rate 3 Day Rate Weekly Rate
Canoe $25 $50 $125
Kayak $25 $50 $125
Tubes $10 $20 $45
Dry Box $5 $10 N/A

All rentals come with life vests & paddles

Special Event Equipment Day Rate Weekend Rate
Super BBQ gas grill (tow behind) $75 $150
Charcoal BBQ grill (tow behind) $50 $125
Small bounce room $125 with $100 deposit N/A
Large bounce room with slide $150 with $100 deposit N/A
Water bouncer $200 with $100 deposit N/A
Large water bouncer $225 with $100 deposit N/A
Sports Equipment Day Rate 3 Day Rate Weekly Rate
Horseshoe set $5 $10 $20
Tug-of-war rope $10 $20 $25
Volleyball set $5 $10 $20
Cornhole $15 $25 $35
Horse Trailer $50 $75



Axe Throwing Price
10 throws $10
3 throws $5
Axe Throwing Mobile to You Price
2 hours $400
Additional hour $100

Click HERE for a printable waiver for axe throwing.


Can't pick it up? We can DELIVER! Delivery is available for a fee:

  • 0-10 miles - $50
  • 11-20 miles - $75
  • 20-30 miles - $100
Axe Throwing

Looking for a fun, exciting activity to amp up any event? Look no further - Axe Throwing will be mobile and can come to you! 

Click HERE for a printable waiver.

Axe Throwing Price
10 throws $10
3 throws $5
Axe Throwing Mobile to You Price
2 hours $400
Additional hour $100
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Safety Rules:

  • All throwers must sign the release forms.
  • Do not cross the throwing line until told to do so.
  • One axe per lane.
  • Never hand the axe to the next player, always re-rack at the end of your turn.
  • The axe blade should always face down range at the target.
  • Do not touch the axe head.
  • Intoxicated people will NOT be allowed to throw! 
Party/Event Reservations & Rentals

Book your next celebration here! OAC offers pavilons as well as all of the activites at their facility for birthdays, organizational, and unit parties.

Contact us today at +1 (573)596-4223 for more information and to book your party!


  • Padded chairs (black) with cart
  • 10' x 10' pop up tents
  • 15' x 15' tent
  • 20' x 20' tent
  • 8 ft tables with cart
  • 6 ft tables
  • Sledgehammers
  • Rubber weights for tents

Package Deal

  • 80 chairs
  • 10 6 ft tables
  • 2 20' x 20' tent set with sledgehammer
  • 12 rubber weights
  • Trailer to haul equipment
Float Trips

 Trips are offered on Saturdays & Sundays only. 

2 Hour Float Trip (2 people) Price
Canoe $40
Kayak $30
4 Hour Float Trip (2 people) Price
Canoe $50
Kayak $40

No reservations required. Arrive no later than 12 pm for 4 hour float trips and no later than 2 pm for 2 hour float trips. 

Shuttle Service Price
1 Person $10
Family of 4 $30
5+ $40


Hunting & Fishing

With ample forest and streams to hunt and fish, OAC is the Fort Leonard Wood sportsperson's headquarters. 

Hunting is permitted seasonally and fishing is permitted year round. Trout management areas are open all year round. 

Stop by the Outdoor Adventure Center to purchase any Missouri State hunting or fishing licenses, obtain hunting & fishing maps, and regulations books. 

Hunting & fishing on Fort Leonard Wood requires state licenses as well as a Fort Leonard Wood Sportsman's Permit. Visit the Hunting and Fishing Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri website to purchase FLW permits, sign in/out of hunting & fishing areas, view maps, read regulations, and more. 


Resident Prices
Fishing $12
Daily fishing permit (1 or 3 days) $8 per day
Trout permit (half price for ages 15 & under) $10
Daily small game hunting permit (1 or 3 days) $14 per day
Big Buck Contest $5
Archers deer/turkey (2 any deer, 2 turkeys) $19
Antlerless archery  $7 per deer
Firearm any deer $17
Firearm antlerless $7
Non-Resident Prices Prices
Fishing $49
Trout $10
Small game hunting permit $94
Conservation order permit $47
Furbearer hunting/trapping $192
Spring turkey hunting permit (ages 6-15 half nonresident price) $224
Fall turkey hunting permit (ages 6-15 half nonresident price) $130
Firearms deer hunting permit (ages 6-15 half nonresident price) $265
Archers hunting permit (ages 6-15 half nonresident price) $265
Managed deer hunting permit (ages 11-15 half nonresident price) $265
Landowners spring turkey $165
Landowners fall turkey $96
Landowners archers hunting $195
Landowners firearm deer $195

Fishermen older than 7 are required to obtain the Fort Leonard Wood Sportsman's Permit. Sportsman permits must be renewed annually by February 28th.

To receive a Sportsman's Pass on Fort Leonard Wood, a state license is required.

FLW Permits can be purchased on the USAG FLW iSportsman Portal by clicking HERE.


Hunting Seasons:

  • Spring Turkey Season
  • Fall Firearm Deer Season
  • Fall Muzzleloader Season
  • Fall (thru winter) Deer Archery Season
  • Fall (thru winter) Turkey Archery Season
  • Fall Firearm Turkey Season
  • Water Fowl Season

Feral hog may be taken on FLW only incidentally, while deer hunting (FLW Reg 210-21)

Fishing Seasons:

  • Trout Management Areas: open all year
  • Trout Parks: March 1 - October 31
  • Black Bass (impoundments): open all year
  • Black Bass (streams, specified zone): May 24 - February 29
  • Bullfrog & Green Frog Sunset: June 30 - October 31


Stop by Outdoor Adventure Center for more specific dates and regulations. Dates are subject to change. 

Trap & Skeet Range
Trap & Skeet Price
Round (includes 25 birds, 25 shells & gun rental) $25 per round
House Shells $9 per box
Clay birds (includes 25 birds) $8 per round

12 and 20 gauge shotguns available for range use only. 

Trap & Skeet Range is closed when the temperature is below 40 degrees.

Archery Range
Archery Range Price
Bow rentals (includes range access) $25
3D archery range $15
Standard archery range $3
10 use punch card (includes access to both ranges) $25
Annual Membership (includes access to both ranges) $100

NO broadheads or crossbows are allowed on OAC targets. Patrons wanting to use broadheads or crossbows may bring their own targets.

Paintball Price
Package includes gun, mask, unlimited air, 500 paintball rounds & field fee $40
Party (8 or more players) $30/each
Bag of 500 paintballs $14.50
Case of 2,000 paintballs $58
  • Weekends are first-come, first-serve.
  • Reservations are recommended for groups of 8 or more players.
  • Patrons with their own equipment must check in at the front desk and pay a $12 field fee (includes all day air refills).
  • Velocity can not exceed 300 feet per minute.
  • Outdoor Adventure Center paintballs are the only paintballs permitted on the field.
Outdoor Park Reservations

Park reservations (no fee) are available daily for Colyer Park and Happy Hollow.

RV Camping

The RV Park is located at 15442 1st St.

Conveniently located on Fort Leonard Wood, our 12 slot RV campground offers full hook up camping that accommodates 30 or 50 amps of electricity.

Call us at +1 (573)596-3055 for details - reservation line is only available during regular business hours. Call in advance for reservations. Space is limited & camping sites fill up quickly. 

RV Camping Price
Nightly $30
Weekly  $160
Monthly $575

*Long term stays are limited to 3 guests at a time and are subject to approval. Approval process can take several weeks. 

Horse Stables

The Horse Stable facility provides boarding for privately-owned horses. It includes an inside exercise barn and outside riding arena.

Click HERE for a printable New Member Packet for the stables. 

Horse Stables Price
Per month, per stall $125
Deposit per stall $150
  • Patrons may request to build their own turnouts
  • This is a self-care facility
  • Every horse entering the OAC stables must complete a 10-day quarantine period

More Outdoor Recreation


Wednesday Evening Scramble

May 29 5 pm

Wednesday Evening Scramble

May 29 5 pm

$25 Paintball

All month in June!

Jun 1 10 am - 6 pm

Active Duty Golf Clinic

Jun 8 9 am - 10 am

Kid's Catfish Derby

Jun 8 9 am - 12 pm

Commander's Golf Scramble

Jun 13 12 pm

BOSS Paintball

Jun 15 10 am - 12 pm

Summer Kick-Off

Jun 21 7:30 pm

$25 Canoe Float Trips

All month in July!

Jul 1 10 am - 6 pm

Shooting for the Stars Trap Shoot

Jul 6 11 am - 2 pm